Here we are to solve it for you

RKSsoft is a team of dedicated and seasoned professionals in Business consulting & Information technology . We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your projects are completed on time and to the budget specified. Our A+ team of SMEs across the Domains and Technology sets, will surprise you on how complex problems can have very simple yet effective solutions.

We are a group of IIM an IIT alumnus with 2 decades of average experience, who want to the change the world for better.

Our Principles

Every member of our team leans on the same set of guiding principles to inform how they approach their jobs. We believe that without the values that we lay down as a company, we wouldn’t enjoy the same success that we do today.

We are proud to work quickly, efficiently, and cohesively on the projects that we undertake, and we understand that to deliver results that our clients are happy with, we have to first listen to their needs.

- Grow skills

- Learn from experience
- Be Agile

- Demonstrate passion
- Be Passionate

- Be helpful
- Empathize